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The years I spent working as a kayaking instructor allowed me to paddle a lot of different boats, and really taught me what makes a good kayak. A few years back a buddy of mine who is an avid angler got me into fishing from my kayak. Let’s just say, I was hooked! This opened my eyes to how fun fishing from a small vessel can be, and how a good fishing kayak should handle.

After trying stand up paddlboarding almost a decade ago I instantly became a fan. My SUP experience started on flat water, but in recent years I’ve learned how to catch waves and even do a little yoga on my paddleboard to stay in shape.

There are so many choices these days when it comes to kayaks and paddleboards. Beginners often have a hard time determining a good model from a bad one, and can end up wasting hundreds of dollars in the process. Because of this, I decided to review many of the leading models of both SUPs and fishing kayaks that I’ve put to the test. My goal is to help you save time, money, and frustration that would otherwise be spent on mediocre models.

I sincerely hope the information and reviews provided here will give you the insight you need to find a SUP or kayak you’ll love season after season.


-Frank Lawson

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