Atoll Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

The Atoll stand up paddle board is the perfect length at eleven feet. It features a lighter than average construction, so it’s much easier to handle than your basic inflatable SUP, and it’s made out of military grade PVC, so you know it can take a beating out in the ocean. 

Our Verdict: This board is nothing short of impressive. It offers a higher than average max weight capacity, features a durable, stable design, and comes equipped with an innovative tri-fin system. We wouldn’t recommend this board to paddle boarders who want a board that can handle waves, but for flatwater conditions, this board is a perfect choice.

Read on to learn why this board earned such a high rating.

Overview and Features 

According to the manufacturer, this SUP is actually forty percent lighter compared to competing models, such as the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer inflatable paddle board.  

This board comes with some great extras including  bungee tie downs, a dual action hand pump, a repair kit, and a pretty cool looking black adjustable paddle that’s made out of aluminum alloy. The large removable fin is designed for improved tracking in rough waters. 

The board is made out of tough material, however, in the event the board is punctured you can use the handy repair kit to quickly patch up a hole. Once the puncture has been patched up you’ll need to leave the board inflated and lying flat for a period of forty-eight hours in order to allow the adhesive to dry completely.

The poly flex leash is another great extra that comes with this package. If you decide to take on some waves, the leash can easily attach to your ankle, offers an adjustable custom fit, and keeps your board close at hand if you end up falling off. 

Basically, the manufacturer gives you everything you could need and want for the ultimate paddle boarding experience, allowing you to head out for a day on the river or at the beach the minute your package arrives. Considering the board comes with so many extras it’s a good choice for beginners on a budget. 


The board measures in at six-inches thick, providing excellent volume. This type of thickness ensures the board’s stability and durability, as does the board’s width, which is an average of thirty-two inches. Eleven feet long, the board is easy to handle and reasonably fast. Of course, a shorter board, such as a nine-foot model, would be easier for a beginner to navigate and handle, but eleven feet offers the right amount of speed for a variety of water conditions, lending the board some much-needed versatility. Most boarders describe it as very rigid, which is what you want in an inflatable model. 


The fifteen D-rings located on the deck allows you to tie down important gear. On the nose of the board, you’ll find six of the D-rings, which are connected with a bungee cord. The board also has a total of three carry handles, one is located at the center of the board, so you can use it to carry the SUP with one hand, with another located on top of the D-rings and it serves to secure the board or for towing purposes. The third handle is found on the backend of the board and serves as the perfect spot to attach the included leash. 

Tri-Fin Design 

Like most hard and inflatable boards in this price range, the board comes equipped with a tri-fin setup that’s designed to improve handling and tracking. As we mentioned earlier, the large fin is designed for rough water conditions and can be removed if you’re spending the day paddling on a calm river or lake. The smaller fins are fixed and help to improve tracking as well. 

Most seasoned paddle boarders may be concerned about this new take on tri-fin design, but users have reported that the slip in design of the large fin does not hinder tracking at all. In fact, users have noted that the fin remains firmly in place during use. Basically, the design just makes it easier to remove or attach the fin, which is a plus if you enjoy paddling around in both slow or fast-moving water.

User Weight Capacity

The board offers a user weight capacity of three hundred pounds, which is above average. Typically, boards in this price range only offer a max user weight of two hundred pounds to two hundred and fifty pounds. Even when at max weight capacity the board will not sag or dip. 


Covered under a two-year warranty, the manufacturer covers any material or workmanship defect. This should give those hesitant to buy an inflatable paddle board a little peace of mind. Unfortunately, the warranty doesn’t apply to punctures that occur during use.


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As we’ve mentioned the board measures in at six-inches thick. The thickness of a board matters a lot. Thinner inflatable SUPs tend to dip in the middle, causing the board to slowly sink and generally ruining the boarding experience. At six-inches, the board offers just the right amount of rigidity. The thickness also affects its buoyancy. Even when the board is at max weight capacity it will still remain above the water line.


The board’s deck is covered in a thick, gripping pad which covers most of the board. It helps to improve the user’s balance and makes it more comfortable to use for longer periods of time. The grippy material is not only designed to help you stay on the board, but it also helps you to easily climb back on, in the event you get taken out by a wave. Since the deck padding improves the rider’s gripability, changing your position during use is easy. 


In terms of beginner-friendliness, this board really surprised us. The SUP comes with all the goodies you need to get started and to maintain the board, making it a great choice for beginners. The first thing we noticed was the high-pressure pump, which most paddlers tend to loathe, opting for an easier to use electric pump. By hand, it can take around ten minutes to fully inflate the SUP. 

The collapsible paddle is a nice addition to the package. The paddle breaks down into three pieces, for easier transportation and storage. 

The slide in removable third large fin takes a different design approach, as most other removable fins are screwed in place, while this one slides right in. 

With this model, performance mainly depends on water conditions, but we can admit it does fairly well for both calm and whitewater conditions. The length and volume of the board improves durability, but the board does tend to act somewhat sluggish in choppy water conditions. 

In calmer waters, it performs as expected. Tracking is excellent, and it’s easy to maneuver, so even a beginner should have no trouble handling it. 

As far as our stand up paddling boarding tips go for this model, we recommend sticking to calmer waters. This isn’t a board you can really surf with, although it does handle choppy water conditions relatively well, it’s not a solid performer if you’re dealing with waves higher than six feet, in which case the board’s tracking is compromised.  

If you’re a beginner, practice with the board in flatwater before you take it out in any type of whitewater conditions. Its lightweight design tends to work against it in stronger currents, high wind conditions, and high waves. 

To learn more about sea-worthy SUPs click here to read our extensive paddle board buyer’s guide. 

Where this Board Excels

If you want to catch some waves, the board performs well for smaller surf, but it will definitely struggle in rougher waters and with higher waves.

In flatwater, this SUP tracks like a champ. Guiding the board down narrow channels is a cinch as the tri-fin system allows the board to easily slice through the water.

In rough waters you’ll notice that righting the board can be difficult, especially when you throw a strong current into the mix.

Beginners will appreciate the board’s rigidity and stability, but the wave seeker will be disappointed at how the board handles challenging waters.

Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • Package comes with a ton of extras beginners will appreciate 
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight design makes it easier to store, use, and transport
  • Excellent tracking
  • Slide-in fin design
  • Hand pump
  • Sluggish in fast-moving water
  • Tracking is compromised with strong currents and rough waters

Conclusion and Rating

Paddle Product Rating: (4.5/5)

What this Atoll paddle board lacks in speed, it definitely makes up for in stability. The board will work for both beginners and seasoned boarders, but if you’re looking for a fast SUP, you’ll need to continue your search. The board’s tracking ability stumbles in strong currents, making it a poor choice for ocean use or whitewater conditions. In calm waters, the board is very easy to handle and offers excellent tracking. This paddle board earned a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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