The 5 Best Winter Paddle Board Destinations in the USA


Just because it’s cold in your part of the country doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to boarding life until the summer hits. In fact, there are plenty of places you can visit in the USA that offer tropical weather conditions, bright sunny days, and warm water temperatures that will allow you to break out your paddle board and spend your time enjoying much-needed fresh air and plenty of sunshine.

With the best inflatable paddle boards, you can go anywhere in the world and enjoy a whole new paddle boarding experience. Because these boards can easily be deflated and inflated they’re highly portable, so you don’t have to have an SUV to transport your board and get you where you need to go.

But what about boarding during the winter? If you normally live in a part of the country that experiences harsh weather conditions then you’re only going to be able to enjoy your paddle board a few months out of the year. However, if you know where to go, you can easily enjoy and afford paddle boarding year-round. This guide on the five best winter paddle board destinations in the USA will show you some great options, and affordable vacation destinations where you can pick up your board hit the water and enjoy climbing the waves or paddling around in calm waters, year-round.

When Winter Hits

There’s nothing quite like breaking out your SUP, gathering your supplies, and preparing for a day out on your local lake or river with your new paddle board. Models such as the iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, are flying off the shelves thanks to affordable pricing and improved durability. But if you live in a part of the country that has harsh winter conditions, freezing temperatures, and plenty of snow, then this can severely limit how and when you paddle board. While some paddle board enthusiasts accept this and wait for the appearance of the sun once again, others will make the trip to a sunnier part of the country where they can spend a few days relaxing in the sunshine and paddling on a river or lake, taking in the scenery and enjoying a new challenging experience.

But not all of us have the type of budget it takes to travel to a far-off, tropical destination to get some paddle boarding in during the winter months. However, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to enjoy some serious sunshine, warm weather conditions, and time out on the water doing what you love.

If you’re someone who enjoys paddle boarding throughout the year, but the weather is holding you back, the following list of the top destinations for winter paddle boarding will show you exactly where to go during the colder months and experience the same exhilarating feeling that comes with taking your board out early in the morning and spending hours on the river or lake.

Most Popular Destinations

Man on Stand

If you’ve tried paddle boarding in your neck of the woods during the winter months and you want to ditch your wet suit and feel the sun on your skin, there are plenty of beautiful locations that experience dry, hot weather all year-round.

Whether you’re looking for beautiful, calm, peaceful waters, or wild rivers, these USA destinations are a much more affordable option compared to traveling abroad. You can also choose your destination based on your skill level. Since many places do offer calm water conditions, beginners can safely learn to master paddle boarding. If you’re an experienced paddle boarder and want to learn how to paddle faster on your SUP, then head for a wild river destination, if you’re up to the challenge.


San Diego- There are many locations to choose from in California alone. The first is San Diego. This city enjoys some of the warmest weather in the state even during the winter months. In fact, it offers bright sunny days approximately 10 months out of the year. The water temperatures are incredibly mild so you won’t even need to wear a wetsuit. You can head to La Jolla Shores for some choppy waves and water conditions and enjoy exploring the caves and reefs in that area, or you can head out to calmer waters and visit Mission Bay.

Monterey-This is another beautiful city in the large state of California. You’ll catch great views of the Big Sur Coast which offers a variety of spots that you can easily launch your board from.

La Jolla-If you want even more paddle boarding options then make sure you stop by and visit La Jolla Cove. The crystal clear waters, perfect weather conditions, and diverse marine life will have you enthralled for several hours. Once you’re done with paddle boarding for the day there is no shortage of options when it comes to other ways to spend your hours outdoors. Since it is a part of San Diego, you can also try some entertaining nightlife.

Lake Tahoe- Lake Tahoe is another great location that’s perfect for paddle boarding. This massive lake is found along the border between Nevada and California and it’s definitely well worth the trip. Fortunately, this is one spot that offers a variety of locations that give you access to the lake, which makes it much easier to choose the perfect launch spot.


Havasu-Arizona is home to the most famous year-round summers. Visit beautiful Havasu and the gentle waters that are perfect for paddle boarding. Or you can visit Canyon Lake which offers over 25 miles of calm waters where you can enjoy a day out paddling around and exploring the cactus covered shoreline. This is one of the most popular paddle boarding destinations by far and it’s proof that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy the perfect boarding experience.

If you’ve never been, then you’ll be immediately impressed by the warm weather conditions and water conditions, in this part of the country that gets sunshine year-round. However, the snowfall that takes place in the surrounding mountains during the winter months also gives this spot a pretty amazing view. If you want to enjoy some winter sunshine, close to home, then this destination should be at the top of your list.


This destination is also the best option for the beginner since it offers the most ideal water and weather conditions. However, even experienced paddle boarders don’t want to miss out on warm water, amazing sunsets, and a beautiful, peaceful experience.

Lake Powell-Lake Powell is another beautiful paddle boarding destination that you won’t want to miss out on the next time you’re in Arizona. The view is nothing short of breathtaking due to the layered sandstone formations, cactus spotted terrain, and beautiful blue skies.

Virgin Islands

This is a U.S. territory so you won’t need to use your passport to make this trip. These beautiful islands are located in the heart of the Caribbean end can provide endless hours of fun on the water or exploration. The most popular spot is Caneel Bay which offers clear, tranquil, calm waters. Paddle around beautiful coral reefs and catch sight of all the fish that live there.

You’ll also get a view of the gorgeous coastline, the beautiful colored water that surrounded the islands, while you enjoy clean, fresh air in moderate temperatures around 80 degrees all year long.

Maho Bay-This body of water is a better choice for the beginner paddle boarder. It’s also a great spot for both adults and kids and anyone who enjoys calm Waters. And this area he won’t run into any snorkelers or swimmers, which is why it’s considered a Better Learning environment. However, you will share the water Swiss sea turtles and a variety of tropical fish.

Cinnamon Bay-The longest beach in the islands, Cinnamon Bay features bright blue waters and white sandy beaches. This is also a hotspot for the locals, so you can enjoy meeting new people and spending your day out on your paddle board, under bright blue skies and perfect warm weather conditions. During your time on the water, you’re bound to run into some marine life and the locals that call this place their home. However, this is not a very crowded place to paddle board. Yet, you will want to be on the lookout for undertows.

Little Lameshur- This is another great choice for the beginner, thanks to the very calm, warm, and shallow waters. This area is perfect for both paddle boarding and snorkeling and will allow you to explore the white sandy beaches and take in the beautiful scenery.

Round Bay-Since it remains well protected from harsh wind conditions Round Bay is a great place for paddle boarding. Additionally, the calm waters also make it a great place for the beginner to learn. The clear aqua blue waters, white sandy beaches, and vivid greenery will make it the perfect destination for your next boarding adventure, regardless of your skill level.

Frederiksted Pier- This is a spot that’s known for its turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, and calm water conditions. It’s also the home to many local paddle boarding competitions. However, you don’t have to enter a competition to enjoy boarding in these beautiful calm waters.


For some, Florida can be a bit too humid, but if humidity isn’t a concern of yours then head to Walton County Florida, which is known for its beautiful beaches and fishing. In fact, you can choose from both saltwater and freshwater conditions and view a variety of fish species. In Florida, you won’t find any shortage of beautiful sandy beaches to choose from, which is what makes this state one of the best places for paddle boarding.

Walton County-Here, you’ll find a variety of coastal lakes that are surrounded by sand dunes. You’ll have your pick of calm waters to choose from, not to mention scenic beauty and warm weather conditions. Make small bodies of water are primarily fed by rainwater and streams. However considering storm surges are the norm during hurricane season, the lakes will expand naturally, connecting to the Gulf of Mexico directly.

New Mexico

Rio Chama-Paddle boarding in New Mexico is a perfect option for the nature lover and paddle boarding enthusiast. This river is massive and nothing short of impressive. However, the choppy water conditions and strong current can make it a poor choice for the beginner. Strong swimmers and experienced paddle boarders only, please.

If you want to spend your entire vacation at this specific destination then you can spend a few days camping near the water in order to cover the entire route. During this time, you’ll do plenty of hiking, camping, and observing local wildlife. It’s also a great choice for the avid angler. Many paddle boarders claim that this is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip and it’s one that will be memorable, to say the least. Enjoy your adventure as you appreciate the power of the river and all the wildlife and beauty it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a tight budget during the winter months and can’t afford to make a trip abroad, then you’ll be happy to learn that there are a variety of warm-weather destinations that you can take advantage of for a fraction of the price. Many of these destinations offer a fun paddle boarding experience for both beginner and seasoned boarders due to the calm waters. However, there are also vacation spots that are perfect for the serious paddle boarder who’s in search of the next big challenge.

This list of the 5 best winter paddle boarding destinations in the USA will allow you to enjoy your favorite pastime year-round. Even if you normally live in a sunny part of the country, exploring new places with your board can be a very enriching experience. Each of these destinations offers something for both the experienced or beginner paddle boarder. And considering that these vacation hotspots are in the USA, you won’t have to travel far to enjoy an amazing outdoor adventure like none other.