BKC UHTK181 Sit on Top Tandem Fishing Kayak Review

Buying a new fishing kayak is a must if you want to access those hard to reach fishing hot spots that you simply can’t with a traditional fishing boat. The BKC UHTK181 is a tandem sit on top fishing kayak that comes loaded with some great extras that any angler will love. 

Our Verdict: This kayak was made for speed. The narrow design may equal a faster kayak, but it also has a negative impact on the kayak’s overall stability. Bottom line, if you want an angling kayak you can stand up in when you’re casting, then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

If speed and the ability to easily slice through rough water conditions is your main priority, then this model by BKC is a great buy.

Read on to learn more about this faster than average angling kayak.

Overview and Features

BKC is a newer company so they still have a lot to prove to anglers used to brands such as Sea Eagle and Sun Dolphin. But despite being fairly new to the industry, we love the fact that they’re not afraid to shake up traditional designs, creating kayaks  that make their models stand out from the competition. 

As an example, this is a swift tandem fishing kayak. The average tandem kayak isn’t very fast, in fact, the average tandem is more designed for slow-moving river use. But this model can be used in pretty much any type of water conditions, including whitewater.

Not all fishing kayaks are designed for stand up casting and unfortunately that’s where this kayak struggles. Standing up to cast is possible in certain water conditions, but taller, heavier anglers may notice that the kayak doesn’t offer the type of stability needed.

Where This Kayak Excels

This model is perfect for entry-level kayakers in need of a fast, durable kayak that can handle longer fishing trips. Measuring in at twelve and a half feet, this kayak comes packed with some great features that make this model an asset out on the water. 

But it’s not just designed for calm lakes and rivers like many kayaks in this price range. it can actually handle whitewater conditions and ocean angling like a champ. This type of versatility allows you to take your fishing experience to the next level and truly challenge your kayaking skills.

Have you ever fished in the ocean or in a fast-moving river? The length and narrow design of the kayak  helps to improve the speed, allowing you to reach your destination faster.


Many anglers prefer to stand up when casting, but if the kayak isn’t very stable, you can almost guarantee a capsize at some point. This kayak offers average stability, but not quite enough to encourage anglers to stand when casting, especially larger anglers. The kayak’s stability is compromised by the narrow design, discouraging a standing cast in rough water conditions as well.


This BKC kayak is both fast and durable, providing anglers with the best of both worlds, thanks to its thirty-four-inch beam, which  improves tracking, so you’ll easily stay on course.  

A New Take on Tandem Design 

The kayak is perfect for two-person use, but if you want to head out for a day of fishing solo, or with the family dog, you can simply remove one of the included seats for some extra space. This model offers a weight capacity of four hundred and fifty pounds, which is pretty impressive. 

However, when loaded up with two anglers and a ton of gear, the narrower design of the kayak doesn’t leave much room to stretch out. This can be an issue for larger anglers.

Want to bring along a ton of gear? Of course you do. The kayak comes with some large waterproof gear compartments that will keep your phone, lunch, and other personal items nice and dry. 


The kayak is equipped with two top of the line aluminum paddles that are highly adjustable. Also included are a couple of paddle rests located on the side of the kayak. So, once you find the perfect fishing spot, simply attach the paddles to the sides so you’ll have more room and you won’t have to worry about the paddles taking a dive in the drink if you’re struggling to reel in a fish. It’s these little touches that the manufacturer incorporated throughout the kayak’s design that most anglers love. Small touches such as the paddle rests will optimize space and help you to stay organized. 

Rod Holders 

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If you’re an angler who loves their rod holders, then be prepared to be blown away. This kayak comes loaded with some great features, including a total of seven rod holders, which significantly boost the kayak’s fishability. Three of the rod holders are adjustable, while the remaining four are flush-mounted. These highly adjustable rod holders will have you totally covered when you’re out on the water and in an area that’s teeming with fish.  

Quality Construction

This model is made out of tough high-quality polyethylene, a type of material with a reputation for durability. 

It’s also a sit on top style, which is perfect for fishing since quick exists are essential if you’re trying to reel in a tough bite. While it’s true that you’ll get a little wetter than you’d like with this style of open cockpit, it offers more room and allows you to stand up when you’re casting, so, it’s worth getting wet. 

The kayak is just thirty-four inches wide, which is slightly below average. Most tandems of this size are around thirty-six inches wide. This type of narrow design is ideal if you want a fishing kayak that’s both swift and easy to navigate and one that can handle choppy ocean waters with ease. However, the narrow design compromises the kayak’s overall stability. This means standing to cast can be chancy for larger anglers. The inability to stand and cast will be a deal breaker for some.

If you’d prefer a kayak that allows you to stand while casting, click here to view some of the leading models of kayaks in our fishing kayak buyer’s guide.


This kayak offers a gentle, smooth performance on the water. It propels fairly easily for a boat of this size, even if you’re riding with a full load. The narrower nose also ensures that the kayak can slice through the water cleanly. When it comes to tracking capability, this model also excels. Even riding solo is fairly easy, despite the fact that most tandems have a reputation for being difficult to navigate alone. 

However, in certain situations, maneuvering can be somewhat difficult. Because the kayak is slightly longer than average, maneuvering can be a challenge if you’re trying to troll down a tight channel or if you’re fishing alone with a ton of gear. Overall, it handles much better than competing models, such as the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 fishing kayak. The key here will be evenly spreading out the load weight. So, if you’re fishing alone, make sure you place most of your gear in the spot designated for the second seat. This will help to significantly enhance the kayak’s tracking ability when you’re alone and can also improve stability.


The kayak comes equipped with multiple carrying handles, totaling up to four. These handles allow you to easily load and unload the kayak. Weighing in at just sixty-eight pounds, you can easily handle transporting and storing this kayak on your own. Considering the lower weight it’s also easy to remove the kayak from a roof rack or trailer and launch.


The two included seats are heavily padded and provide excellent lumbar support, making this kayak a great choice for longer fishing trips. Inside the kayak, there’s a decent amount of room for both you and a second angler to relax, however, anglers over six feet, four inches, may feel a little cramped.

Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • Lightweight design
  • Durable
  • Built-in carry handles
  • Seven rod holders
  • Comfortable seats
  • Excellent tracking
  • Very Fast
  • Very expensive
  • The narrow design may be a downside for some users, however, the two-inch difference isn’t a deal breaker for most anglers.
  • Anglers will not be able to stand and cast
  • Maneuvering the kayak can be difficult with only one angler

Conclusion and Rating

Paddle Go.com Product Rating: (4/5)

This fishing kayak by BKC is a great model that provides anglers with everything they need for a long, leisurely day of fishing. Easy to handle, transport, and store, the innovative design of this tandem allows you to take along plenty of fishing gear and a buddy. The biggest drawback with this model is its lack of stability when it comes to standing up when casting. Additionally, the slightly narrower design can also take away precious interior space for extra gear. However, the fact that the narrower design means improved speed, many anglers in search of a fishing kayak that’s fast and able to handle ocean waters will consider this model a steal. We gave this kayak a rating of four out of five stars.

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