BPS Adjustable 2-Piece Alloy SUP/Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle Review


The BPS adjustable paddle consists of a two-piece design that offers more versatility, allowing more than one member of the family to use the paddle by simply shortening or lengthening the shaft. This model will work well for SUPs of all lengths and is a great choice for the beginner in need of a highly adjustable paddle that’s well-built and designed to last. However, since the paddle is made out of aluminum, it may not work for all types of paddling applications such as surfing or long-distance touring. Ultimately, the manufacturer did an excellent job of designing a more versatile paddle and one that’s a steal for the price.

Our Verdict: This model by BPS is an adjustable paddle that features a two-piece design that allows you to quickly and easily lengthen or shorten the shaft based on application or the height of the user. The paddle can be taken apart for easier transportation or storage, which is a huge plus for anyone short on trunk space. When fully assembled, the paddle is designed to float in the water, which will come in handy if you accidentally drop the paddle or fall off your board. The biggest drawback is the weight of the paddle, which is just over two pounds. This is a common problem with models made out of aluminum. While you’ll get a more durable paddle and one that’s naturally rust-resistant, it’s often a tradeoff for a heavier weight. This can be an issue for some buyers, especially those looking for a model they can use for long-distance touring since the heavy weight can quickly tire the user out. Overall, the paddle is durable, beginner-friendly, and reasonably priced.

Overview and Features

There are many different types of paddles to choose from, but the best SUP paddle should work for your height and paddling needs. Typically, you’d use one paddle for racing and another, shorter paddle for touring. But that can get expensive, and it can be a hassle when it comes time to load up your gear. The best solution is often a durable, adjustable paddle. If you’re looking for a versatile model that you can use for a wide range of applications including touring and surfing, then you’ll appreciate this paddle’s highly adjustable design that will allow you to lengthen or shorten the shafted based on application and the height of the user. This model will work with a wide range of SUP model lengths and styles.

BPS Adjustable 2-Piece Alloy SUP/Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

Our Rating: (5/5)


  • Durable
  • Two-piece design
  • Highly portable
  • Adjustable
  • Floats in water
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee


This model features a durable aluminum shaft, complete with a nylon blade, which is designed to help you paddle faster. The lengthening mechanism allows you to make fast and simple adjustments to the length of the shaft. The paddle weighs in at two pounds. If you’re a beginner and you’ve decided to try out touring, or if you’re an experienced long-distance tourer, then you may want to look for a lighter paddle, such as the Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle, which only weighs in at one pound, fifteen ounces, making it a better option for touring.


If more than one member of the family loves to use your SUP, then this highly adjustable paddle will be a lifesaver. Making adjustments to the shaft length only takes a few seconds. The length of the shaft will be locked into place until you change it. This model’s length ranges from seventy inches up to eighty-three inches, so it’ll work for users of all heights. The paddle can be taken apart or shortened all the way to make it easier to store and transport. It can also be lengthened or shortened, based on application type, so you can use the same paddle for surfing, touring, fishing, and racing.

Floating Ability

Regardless of your skill level, you’ll want a paddle that will float when it’s in the water. This model has been extensively tested by experienced paddlers in New Zealand and is guaranteed to float when fully assembled. This can save you a lot of time and the hassle that comes with searching for your paddle in the water, should you accidentally drop it or if you fall off your board.


This model is covered by a twelve-month guarantee. If you run into some quality or performance issues contact the manufacturer for a full refund or a replacement. This will give the paddler on a budget a huge incentive to buy.



The ergonomic T-shaped handle is designed with user comfort in mind and features a large palm grip that will promote longer use.

Blade Design

The teardrop-shaped, angled blade is designed to maximize stroke efficiency and power.

Blade Cover

The blade cover is optional and available for a higher price. The cover is designed to protect the blade of the paddle when it’s not in use and protects the blade from harmful UV rays, while also working to keep the blade free from chips, dings, and scratches.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • T-shaped handle
  • Teardrop blade design for maximum stroke efficiency
  • Adjustable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Paddle floats in water
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee


  • May be too heavy for beginners
  • Not recommended for long-distance touring

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (5/5)

BPSThis BPS adjustable paddle consists of a two-piece design and can be shortened or lengthened based on the application or the height of the user. The paddle weighs over two pounds, which can quickly cause user fatigue in the long-distance tourer. Some buyers will appreciate the more durable design, while surfers, some tourers, and those who race will look for a lighter paddle that can help you paddle straight and quickly through the water. Overall, this is a great buy for the beginner or the paddle in search of a model that’s more durable. I gave this paddle a rating of five out of five stars.