Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board by Roc Paddleboards Review

Roc Paddle Boards typically produces more affordable SUPs built with military grade PVC for improved durability. This model is reasonably priced and comes with some nice extras that will appeal to beginners. The board also has a rigid, wider design that doesn’t help much in the speed department but helps to boost the board’s stability.

Our Verdict: The board features a durable construction that will ensure it lasts season after season. However, in terms of design, this board is very basic. Considering it’s sluggish and has poor tracking in fast moving water, we would not recommend this board to seasoned SUP users. Yet, for the price, this board is a total steal if you’re looking for an inflatable paddle board use in flatwater conditions.

Overview and Features

At first sight, we automatically assumed this board is a better choice for beginners than seasoned SUP users looking for a board that’s all about speed. This SUP is heavy. This means it can be difficult for smaller riders to maneuver in whitewater conditions. It can also be too heavy to carry around.  However, despite its large/heavy design it tracks fairly well. 

Most boards in this price range don’t usually offer a top of the line performance. Many of them are sluggish and tend to dip in the middle, making them difficult to use in rough waters, however, this board features a tough, stable design, which is just what the newbie is looking for. 

This board is pretty basic, which is why it’s highly recommended for beginners. The thickness of the board easily eliminates flex, but performance wise, it leaves much to be desired. 

The SUP is ten feet, six inches long, thirty-three inches wide and has a max user weight of three hundred and fifty pounds, which is average for a board of this length. Considering the high max user weight, combined with the overall heft of the board, we don’t recommend the board for younger or smaller users. This is one of the heaviest SUP we reviewed. The size is a drawback for some users, but heavier boarders will appreciate the construction and the overall durability the board offers. 

Smaller riders and beginners will have trouble guiding this board through more challenging water conditions.


Extras include a backpack to store the board, an electric pump complete with automatic shut off, and an adjustable paddle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a leash. Typically, these starter sets only come with a manual hand pump, so the electric pump is a great extra.  The pump can quickly inflate the board in under three minutes, making it fast and easy to get your board inflated and ready to hit the water.

The included carry bag is a nice extra that you can use to store the pump, board, and other accessories. It can also make it easier to haul your board to the water’s edge if you normally don’t inflate the board before you leave home. 

The adjusted paddle is pretty basic and really nothing to write home about. It may not work for taller boarders, so an upgrade may be necessary somewhere down the line. In terms of quality it rated about average.  


Aside from tracking, the deck padding’s quality is very important since it helps to not only keep you comfortable as you paddle around, but it also works to improve the rider’s traction.

This board’s padding is best described as very grippy, helping the rider remain stable on the board’s surface, even when dealing with high waves. The tough deck padding also helps the user to climb back on, easily. This pad covers most of the deck. 


On the end of the board are four D-rings and a bungee cord system that can be used to secure and store gear. The larger D-ring on the opposite end can be used for towing. Higher priced boards tend to offer a more extensive bungee cord system that will allow you to haul plenty of gear. Since this is a basic board that focuses mainly on functionality, it doesn’t go above and beyond in terms of storage space or a means to secure your gear safely. If you don’t normally bring along much gear then this smaller bungee system won’t be an issue. 

Material Quality

The military grade PVC material lends to the board’s durability. It won’t tear or scuff even if ends up getting slammed against rocks or ends up getting grounded in shallow water. This type of durability makes it safe to use the board in rivers, lakes, and ponds. Any rocks or debris you encounter during your time in the water won’t be able to penetrate the board’s puncture-proof material. 

Tri-Fin System

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The board comes with three fins, two of which are fixed, with a third that’s removable. The third fin allows you to easily steer on flatwater but doesn’t do much to improve tracking on waves or in stronger currents. So, if you’re paddling around on a fast-moving river or in the ocean, we recommend removing the large third fin. Often the addition of a tri-fin system is a huge plus, but considering the quality of these fins, unfortunately it doesn’t add much to the performance. Basically, the board will offer a solid performance just as long as you stick to clam waters. 


The board is comes with a two-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects and normal wear and tear. Considering the low price, this is a huge plus for boarders on a budget in search of a high quality, basic paddle board that’s built tough and covered in the event of a serious accident. 


The board features a decent length. It’s designed for moderate speed and can handle mild waves and choppy water. The board’s heft makes it appropriate for users of all sizes. However, weighing in at thirty-three pounds it may be too heavy for smaller boarders. To learn more about board sizes and how to find the perfect size board for you, click here to read our article on what size stand up paddle board is right for you.


This model doesn’t have any features that really stand out to us, aside from the nice electric pump and the comfortable, thick deck padding. The board does a fine job of tracking in calm waters and tends to veer off track in strong currents. Because it’s so heavy, it’s very sluggish but easy to maneuver in flatwater. 

Its sluggish performance combined with its durable design is what makes it a great buy for the beginner in need of a comfortable, safe board to practice on.

If you want a board that can quickly and easily slice through water this model isn’t it.  Click here to check out our extensive buyer’s guide which includes some of the fastest, best-selling models of inflatable paddle boards on the market. 

We recommend this board for flatwater use only. In this type of water condition, the rider will have the most control over the direction and speed of the board. In fast moving water, the board’s performance is somewhat disappointing and the board itself can be difficult to control. Basically, this is not a board that was designed for ocean use.

Additionally, the included fin system doesn’t do much to improve tracking or maneuverability so it won’t be much help in choppy water conditions. 

Boards that are highly maneuverable, such as the ISLE Airtech Inflatable Explorer stand up paddle board can make it easy for beginners to learn how to steer and maneuver a variety of water conditions, but this model’s performance strictly limits it to flatwater only, which is obviously a deal breaker for many riders. 


The board is reasonably priced. The manufacturer clearly designed a pretty basic board in order to keep the price down. This isn’t a terrible board by any means, but its performance is average at best.

So, is it worth the price?

For beginners, yes. If you want a SUP you can learn on, one that can handle getting knocked around in the water, then this ROC paddle board is a great option. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Electric pump
  • Low price
  • Made from PVC grade material
  • Heavy
  • Lacks adequate storage space
  • Poor tracking and maneuverability in fast-moving water.
  • Sluggish performance

Conclusion and Rating

Paddle Product Rating: (4/5)

As a lower-priced SUP, we weren’t surprised that it wasn’t very fast, or the fact that it lacks many extras that seasoned SUP users are looking for. 

Overall, it can provide the perfect platform for people who need a durable board to practice on. The stable surface also makes it ideal for yoga workouts or paddling around on a calm lake or large pond. The tracking is about what you’d expect from a board of this size, at this price point. It will work well for both seasoned SUP users and beginners. Overall, it does feature a durable construction that allows it to easily withstand rough waters. We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.

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