iROCKER All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

The iRocker All-Round inflatable paddle board features some major design improvements compared to past models produced by this manufacturer. Essentially, this redesigned SUP offers a more stable paddling experience, a tougher build, and excellent tracking. This board comes with a higher than average max weight capacity, plenty of storage space, and a solid design that can handle a variety of water conditions.

Our Verdict: This board has a higher than average max weight capacity, and comes with a large bungee cord system and D-rings, all of which you can use to secure your gear, a cooler, or a chair. The board itself tracks well in the water and is easy to handle, however, it’s not the fastest board in the water. The rigid four-layer PVC design improves the board’s durability, so you won’t have to worry about punctures if you’re paddling around on a fast-moving river. The board weighs twenty-four pounds, which makes it one heavy SUP, however, this heavier design is a fair tradeoff for a board that’s designed to last.

Overview and Features

iRocker isn’t the oldest SUP company, but they’ve done an impressive job of making a name for themselves in the paddling community. It comes loaded with some great features including a crocodile traction pattern that will feel good on your feet and hands while improving your stability and balance on the board. The included action mount can be used to attach fishing rods or a GoPro camera.

If you like bringing along plenty of food and gear, then you’ll appreciate the large bungee storage area that will keep your supplies and personal items secure and dry. In total, the board features eight D-ring attachment points that can be used to attach a seat or secure your gear. If you’ve had trouble learning how to go straight on a paddle board, then you’ll love this board’s innovative design that provides excellent tracking. To learn more about paddle boards, how they work and why you’ll love one over a traditional hard board, click here to read my buyer’s guide.

iROCKER All-Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Stable
  • Affordable
  • Excellent tracking
  • Versatile
  • Eye-catching design
  • Quad-layer PVC construction
  • Rigid design
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This is a ten-foot board that offers the type of durability and stability that most riders are looking for. This model is one inch wider than other models in this price bracket. While this may not seem like much, this extra inch can do wonders for stability. This board offers a solid performance in a variety of water conditions since it features a stable design that allows you to easily navigate the waters. It’s not the fastest board around, however, it tracks well and can slice cleanly through the water. This model features the same retro design that the manufacturer is known for.


The board is coated in a thick croc grip pattern that’s gentle on the hands and feet. In the middle of the deck, you’ll find a carry handle that’s coated in neoprene, for improved grip.

Storage System

All along the sides of the board, you’ll find D-rings that can be used to attach a seat, secure gear, or attach a shoulder strap, which makes it easier to transport the board to and from the water. There are also several tie-down points that you can use to secure your gear or a cooler.

At the nose of the board, there are six additional D-rings, in addition to a large bungee cord system that’s perfect for securing gear, such as a drybag. For added capacity, this model’s D-rings have been moved to the rails. On the tail of the board, you’ll find another D-ring with a SUP leash.

Action Mount

The action mount is another great new addition. The mount can hold your waterproof speakers, fishing rod holder, or even a GoPro camera. This small addition really adds to the board’s versatility.

Fin System

Under the board is a triple-fin setup. There is one large center fin and a couple of small side fins. In the past, the manufacturer used one large removable center fin and a couple of small fixed side fins. However, this redesigned board features a fin system that’s entirely removable. The ability to remove all of the fins allows users to easily roll up the board into a tight package, for easier transport and storage. If you normally transport the family’s boards on a roof rack, the ability to remove the fins allows you to stack the boards neatly and securely together.


The board is made out of four layers of military-grade PVC construction that offers improved durability. Other models in this price bracket typically offer a three-layer design. The All-Around’s extra layer increases the board’s max weight capacity to three hundred and seventy pounds, while boards with a three-layer design often have a max weight capacity of three hundred and fifty pounds. Not only does this extra layer boost the max weight capacity, but it adds to its rigidity.


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When you’re inflating the board, the manufacturer recommends using a pressure ranging from fourteen PSI to eighteen PSI. This level of pressure makes the board extremely stiff. In fact, it gives it a feel that’s similar to that of a hard board. Inflating the board will take around eight to ten minutes. After you’ve removed the strap that secures the board when it’s rolled up, unroll the board, take off the valve cover and insert the hose. You can lock the hose in place by twisting it. The stem must be in an upright position during inflation to allow the air to easily enter the board and prevent it from escaping at the same time.

This model comes with a hand pump, complete with a pressure gauge. After you’ve inflated the board, make sure you twist the hose before attempting to disconnect it from the air valve.

Deflating the board is a fairly easy process. Don’t forget to rinse the board off with fresh water, especially if you’ve been paddling around in saltwater. The next step is unscrewing the valve cover. Apply pressure to the valve for three seconds. You’ll have to wait a couple of minutes for the rest of the air to flow out. Then, push out any remaining air and tightly roll up the board.


On the water, this board is fun to paddle around on. The board tracks well, however, it’s not exactly the fastest model in the water, yet it doesn’t feel sluggish like other wide paddle boards. This board is a great choice for both experienced and beginner paddle boarders. This board can basically handle it all from flat lakes to rushing rivers. The board’s massive storage space and extensive bungee system give riders a variety of ways to secure their gear. The addition of the action mount allows you to customize your setup, whether you want to do a little angling or you want to attach a camera and film some great action shots. To learn how to handle your new SUP, stop by and read my article on how to paddle faster on your SUP.


Since it’s an inflatable SUP, it’s highly portable. The board itself weighs in at twenty-four pounds, which is heavy for an inflatable board, but considering the quad-layer PVC design, this type of weight comes as no surprise.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Durable
  • Excellent tracking
  • Extensive storage system
  • Quad-layer military-grade PVC material
  • Action mount
  • Low price


  • Heavy
  • Slow

iRocker Versus Retrospec Weekender 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

The competing model, the Weekender by Restrospec, is another ten-foot inflatable board, but unlike the All-Around’s quad-layer PVC design, the Weekender only offers a standard triple-layer design. This also means it has a lower max weight limit of just two hundred and fifty pounds, which can be a major drawback for potential buyers since this will significantly limit how much gear you can bring along. However, the Weekender package comes with some nice extras, including a cell phone case, hand pump, a three-piece aluminum paddle, and removable fins. It’s also available at a lower price, but if you want a board that’s more versatile and designed to handle a higher max weight and a variety of water conditions, I’d stick with the All-Around.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This board by iRocker is built tough, is made out of four layers of PVC material, while competing boards only feature a three-layer design, and it offers a higher than average max weight capacity. The large bungee system and D-rings found throughout the board will allow you to bring along plenty of gear and safely secure it. The action mount is a nice extra that you can use to secure a fishing rod holder or camera. The board isn’t sluggish in the water, but it’s also not race-worthy. However, despite its larger design, it’s easy to maneuver and offers excellent tracking. I gave this board a rating of four and a half stars out of five.

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