iROCKER CRUISER Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review 

iRocker has always been a boarder favorite, primarily because they produce affordable inflatable SUPs that feature eye-catching designs, and super rigid boards that are easy to handle. Their latest model the Cruiser is all of that and more. It comes with some nice extras and features a slightly shorter than average paddle board design that helps to improve stability, and offers great tracking ability.

Our Verdict: This SUP tracks well and is incredibly stable. This board is a great buy for the beginner in search of a paddle board that’s reasonably priced and designed with stability in mind. In terms of how fast it is, the board is decent, but considering it features a wider build, it’s obvious it wasn’t designed for racing. It also offers a higher than average max user weight, which you normally won’t get with a SUP in this price range.

Overview and Features

Considered one of iRocker’s top-selling models, the Cruiser is fun to ride, easy to guide, and a board that can handle calm water and whitewater conditions.

Like many models of iRocker boards, the Cruiser features a durable design and measures in at six-inches thick. The thickness prevents the board from dipping in the middle and adds to its overall stability. 

The board itself weighs twenty-four pounds, which is above average. While offered at a comparable price, the Cruiser doesn’t quite have the slick handling that the inflatable stand up paddleboard by Roc Paddleboards offers, although, the Cruiser has a higher max user weight, which is definitely a huge plus for larger riders.

The max user weight comes in at four hundred pounds, which is higher than the average two hundred and fifty pounds that you’ll find with most models in this price range. 

At thirty-three inches wide the board is slightly wider than average, yet it’s considered very stable and handles well despite its size.

Set Up

For a stable performance this model should be inflated to fifteen PSI. Using the innovative leak-proof valve system you can inflate or deflate this board in under three minutes. Like other inflatable SUPs, the board can be rolled up and stored away when not in use.  


The Cruiser comes with some nice extras that newbies will appreciate including a fiberglass paddle that’s adjustable. This fiberglass paddle features TVR rubber edging, designed to prevent the paddle from chipping. 

A dual action hand pump is also included. Users can switch between single or dual action function. The dual action mode is designed to push air into the board on both the up and down stroke, while single mode pumps the air in on just the up stroke. Basically, this is just a standard hand pump that still takes forever to fully inflate the SUP, but it can come in handy if you’re at the beach and notice your board is a little low on air. For a faster inflation time, you’ll probably want to pick up a travel-friendly electric pump. 

The carry bag backpack makes it convenient to transport your board and store some gear to take along on your day at the beach, such as the hand pump and a repair kit. 

Deck Quality

The deck of the board is made out of EVA  foam and is designed for improved grip and comfort. The extra-long pad runs the length of the board from nose to tail. The grippy surface will help to improve the rider’s balance while also minimizing user fatigue. The deck’s diamond patterned deck pad is not only eye-catching, it also helps to improve traction.

Bungee System

The board’s bungee system is located toward the front of the board and is on the small side. However, it’s very functional and can be used to secure your gear including a small dry bag.

If you need a board that offers more storage options and D-ring attachments, click here to learn about other leading models in this price range in our SUP buyer’s guide.


The two fixed fins are standard on most SUPs, as is the large removable fin that’s designed to improve the board’s tracking. The large fin is easy to attach and simply clips into place.


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This is a beefy inflatable paddle board. It measures in at ten feet, six inches long. It tracks true and remains stable, even with a heavier rider. The board’s wider surface increases the board’s stability and also gives the rider more space to move, making this model a great choice for yoga or core workouts. 

The bungee tie down system located on the front of the board provides a handy space to secure your gear. 

In terms of speed, the Cruiser does fairly well. It’s faster than you’d expect from a board of this size. It’s also very maneuverable, making it newbie boarder friendly. 

Given that the board is pretty durable and fast, it can handle both calm and fast water environments. 


Maneuverability and tracking are by the far the most important characteristics of any board. Add stability into the mix and you have a board that riders of all skill levels will love. The combination of these characteristics makes this model a popular choice for anyone on a tight budget in search of a board that’s durable and easy to use. 

So, what makes this board track well? This involves a combination of the shape and design of the board and the included fin.

The large fin easily slices through the water, instantly improving the board’s tracking ability. 

The board’s tapered tail and pointier nose make it a solid performer and it doesn’t take much effort to get this board moving. Basically, this is a fun board to paddle around on and learn from. It’s very responsive, making it easy to handle.

The width of the board makes it a great option for beginners because it improves the board’s durability and also gives the rider more room. 

Heavy-Duty Construction

The board is also made out of PVC that’s military grade, allowing your board to take plenty of use and abuse in both fast-moving rivers and the ocean.

The board features a four-layer design that adds to the board’s durability. The triple layer drop stitch material is the same type of material that’s often used for rafts, so you know it’s puncture-proof.

The seams have been fusion heat welded for improved durability.

The inside of the board is equipped with a high-density drop stitch core. This drop stitch core is what makes it possible for this board to have a higher than average max user weight. It provides the board with the type of rigidity needed to support the high max user weight and also helps the board to maintain its form.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

This board doesn’t come with a leash, which makes it all too easy to lose that first time you get taken down by a wave. 

The heavier weight of the board can make it difficult to haul it to and from your vehicle, however, it’s a fair trade-off for the higher max user weight.

Speed can be an issue if you want a fast board that can rip through waves and quickly slice through the water.

While this board won’t beat narrower SUPs it can still hold its own out in the water and offers a decent speed for its size.

The board’s bungee system also leaves much to be desired and can be a major drawback if you need a board that offers both a front and rear system that allows you to haul more gear.

Beginner-Friendly Ride

One of the best stand up paddle boarding tips you’ll learn is this: avoid fast-moving water for your first month or two on the board. Despite the fact that the Cruiser has a reputation for stability, skipping the lake in favor of a fast-moving river or the ocean is a bad idea and a mistake most beginners make. Practice climbing back on your board in the water, and learn how to turn and maneuver the board, before you take it in challenging water. Considering this board has a high rating for stability, it’s the perfect board to learn on and practice your strokes. This type of stable platform is also perfect for workouts on the water and trying out new, challenging yoga poses. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • Stable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Excellent tracking
  • Larger board surface
  • Heavy
  • Small bungee cord system

Conclusion and Rating

Paddle Product Rating: (4/5)

The Cruiser is a pretty basic board and one that’s not too heavy on the flash. Sure, the bungee cord system could be bigger, and the board could be faster, but we felt that the board was a solid performer in most types of water conditions. It handles well, is easy to maneuver, offers better than average tracking, and features a rigid design. Basically, it’s a great buy for boarders of all skill levels. It doesn’t come with any bells and whistles, but what it does offer is a reliable, solid performance, which is more than enough for us. We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.

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