Missyee Wireless Electric Air Pump Review

The Missyee wireless electric air pump is highly portable, durable, and designed to quickly inflate your SUP or kayak. The pump comes equipped with the type of powerful motor you need to efficiently inflate high-pressured products. It also offers a couple of charging options, so you can charge it at home and rely on the battery to inflate your board when an outlet isn’t accessible, or you can connect it to the outlet in your vehicle. The durable, lightweight pump is designed to inflate your board quickly, at the precise PSI level, for an enhance paddling performance.

Our Verdict: This portable, cordless pump comes with two chargers so you can charge it up at home, via a standard household outlet, or you can use the twelve volt outlet in your vehicle. Charging the battery can take up to an hour and provides forty minutes of use. This low-priced model is able to handle inflating most types of high-pressure inflatables up to fifteen PSI. If you have a board or kayak that requires a higher PSI, then you’ll need to pass this model by. Ultimately, the pump offers the type of solid performance most boarders need, but the lack of extra features, such as an LCD display or the automatic shut off feature, may make this model a poor choice for some.

Overview and Features

The Missyee electric air pump is perfect for SUP use and powerful enough to handle quickly inflating kayaks and other types of high-pressure inflatables. According to the manufacturer, the pump has undergone extensive testing that ensures this is one reliable, durable pump that can handle up to forty minutes of use per charge. Lightweight, cordless, and rechargeable, you can take this model with you wherever you go, whether it’s your local lake, camping out in the backcountry, or when you hit the beach.

Because this model doesn’t come with an automatic shut off feature that will switch the pump off once a board has been inflated to the correct PSI level, you’ll need to babysit the pump and ensure it doesn’t over-inflate or under-inflate your board. If your board is not inflated to the correct PSI level it will be difficult to paddle straight, your board may have more drag, and the board will sit lower in the water.

Missyee Wireless Electric Air Pump

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Durable
  • Storage bag included
  • Comes with three nozzles
  • Deflation feature
  • Low price
  • Beginner-friendly


This lightweight, compact cordless pump will come in handy if you need a powerful little pump that can quickly inflate your board. If you’re tired of manually airing up your SUP, this pump is a beginner-friendly, affordable alternative. The durable housing can withstand falls, while the included storage bag will keep the pump dry and free of dust, dirt, and debris. This model comes with a couple of charging options, which adds to its versatility.

This model comes with a single inflation process, unlike competing models such as the BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo pump, which features a dual-phase inflation process. Models with two inflation stages can ensure your board is safely and properly inflated. The first phase is much faster and designed to inflate the board almost up to the correct PSI. This is when the second phase kicks in to slowly and precisely finish the inflation process.


This beginner-friendly model is simple to use and doesn’t come with many features. There are two air ports. One port is designed to inflate your SUP, while the other port is used to deflate. The pump is able to inflate a board in approximately eight minutes, which is significantly faster than inflating a board using a manual pump.


The deflation feature allows you to quickly deflate your board, making it easier to carry your board back to your vehicle. This feature can save you plenty of time, especially if you don’t want to deal with manually deflating your board or waiting for the board to deflate on it’s own. This model can deflate a board in approximately four minutes. It can take up to ten minutes to deflate a kayak or raft.


This model comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee. You can return this product, no questions asked, during the first month of use, if you’re unsatisfied with its performance.


The pump has a max PSI level of fifteen, which is pretty standard for a pump of this size, with this type of motor. Some boards, kayaks, and rafts may require a higher PSI level, so make sure you check your user’s manual before you buy. When the board is at the perfect PSI level, it will make it easier to get on your board in deep water, allows you to easily guide and handle your SUP in choppy water conditions, and generally improves your board’s overall performance.


You’ll find three nozzles in this package, which adds to the pump’s versatility, allowing you to use for a variety of SUPs, kayaks, air mattresses, pool toys, and more. These different nozzle sizes include:

  • Small-0.27 inches- This size will work for most types of inflatable toys.
  • Medium-0.35 inches-This size is designed to work for most SUPs and some inflatable kayaks.
  • Large-0.69- Use this nozzle for SUPs and kayaks, air mattresses, and other types of larger inflatable products.

These nozzle sizes will have you covered in terms of using an attachment that will work for your specific type of board. However, if you’re not certain what type of valve your board has, make sure you check the user’s manual prior to purchasing this pump.

Two Charging Options

This package includes two charges. The twelve-volt DC charger can be connected to your vehicle’s DC outlet, or you can use the included two hundred and forty volt AC adapter and plug it into an outlet in your home. The pump will be fully charged in one hour. The car charger will come in handy if you failed to fully charge the pump before leaving the house. Using the vehicle charger, while the vehicle is running can also result in a faster inflation or deflation time.

Battery Life

This model offers a forty minute long battery life. While this may not sound like much, it only takes eight minutes to fully inflate a board, so you won’t need to charge this pump often.

Storage Bag

The included storage bag is a nice extra and one that will protect your pump from potential damage. The bag is waterproof and dust proof, so it will keep your pump dry and free of dirt and debris.


This beginner-friendly pump features a pretty basic design. It doesn’t come with an automatic shut off feature, which causes the pump to shut down once it’s reached the desired PSI level. Because of this, you’ll need to closely monitor the inflation progress to ensure the pump doesn’t inflate the board over the recommended PSI, to prevent the board from popping. The lack of this feature is pretty common for pumps in this price range. Straight out of the box, the pump will need to be fully charged before use. The two included chargers will allow you to fully charge the pump at home before your trip or you can connect the pump to your vehicle’s twelve volt outlet.

The ability to charge the pump at home and use it without a cord will allow you to inflate your board once you’ve reached the water’s edge, instead of inflating your board and carrying it all the way to your destination. However, the car charger is a great extra to have on hand in the event you forget to charge the pump at home.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Includes two charging options
  • Cordless design
  • Long battery life
  • Three nozzle options
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Low price


  • Can only inflate boards up to fifteen PSI
  • Long charging time
  • Single inflation process

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’re looking for a basic, beginner-friendly pump, you’ll appreciate this model’s simple design and controls that are very intuitive and easy to adjust.

The Missyee wireless electric pump features a cordless design that makes using this pump easier and more convenient. It comes with two chargers, so you can charge the pump at home or connect it to your vehicle’s twelve-volt outlet, should you forget to charge your pump at home. The cordless design is perfect for the buyer who doesn’t want to carry their fully inflated board all the way to the water’s edge. But the lack of an automatic shut off feature requires you to sit close by to monitor the PSI level. This is a low-priced portable model. While it may not be the best SUP pump on the market, it does offer a reliable performance and a beginner-friendly design, complete with a powerful motor and simple controls that will allow you to quickly inflate your board for a day of fun on the water. I gave this model a rating of four and a half out of five stars.