Sea Eagle SE370K P Inflatable Kayak Review 

A surprisingly powerful, durable, all-purpose inflatable kayak, the Sea Eagle SE370K P is quickly making waves in the angling community. This is a tandem kayak that weighs in at just twenty-six pounds. Since it’s inflatable, it’s very easy to transport, deflate, and store when not in use. 

Sea Eagle is always surprising us with their innovative kayak designs that tend to excel in a wide range of areas as opposed to focusing on one specific type of activity or water condition. This model is on the pricey side, but compared to a hard body kayak, this tandem is priced reasonably. 

Our Verdict: For an inflatable kayak, this model offers an outstanding performance, which is why it earned almost a perfect score. However, this model isn’t designed for speed, so if you’re searching for a fast-moving kayak you’ll need to keep looking.

Yet, this inflatable kayak does have a lot to offer the angler in search of a reasonably priced kayak that can handle a variety of water conditions.

Read on to learn just why this kayak earned high marks from the pros.

Overview and Features 

For an inflatable fishing kayak, we were simply impressed, not just with the design, but the kayak’s top of the line performance. In terms of strength and quality the kayak is made out of the same type of material that whitewater rafts are, making it incredibly difficult to puncture.

Most kayakers immediately bypass inflatable kayaks, assuming they’re not very durable, but one look at this Sea Eagle kayak will quickly change their mind. 

Convenient, easy to use, and much easier to handle than a hard body kayak, this model has a lot to offer kayakers of every skill level. 

The kayak is equipped with a total of five valves designed with innovative airlock technology, and it’s made out of salt and sun resistant high quality material that inflates and deflates easily and quickly. 

This kayak comes with oars, a lashed-down spray skirt, electric pump, and a nine-foot power cable. 

There’s no doubt that this kayak is easy to handle, despite the fact that it’s a tandem. It features a couple of skegs located underneath for improved handling. So, unlike most models of inflatable kayaks, this kayak can easily track in a straight line. Paddling around is also not as labor intensive, which makes it a good fit for individuals looking for a kayak that’s easy to use and handle. 


Because it only weighs twenty-six pounds, even one person can handle it. The two inflatable seats are removable, providing a ton of extra space. The setup is very versatile, so you can remove a seat if you plan on hitting the river alone. This model has a user weight capacity of five hundred pounds, so you can bring along as much gear as you want. The ability to bring along a ton of fishing gear is enough to sell most anglers on this model. Basically, this kayak offers enough space to store all the gear you’d need for a day on the river. Most tandem kayaks in this price range barely offer enough leg room, so this is a huge selling point for any angler in need of a model that’s big enough to handle a day-long fishing adventure. 

Despite the fact that many anglers do recommend this inflatable kayak for sea use, others felt that it didn’t have the type of sturdy construction needed for kayaking in waves like the Sun Dolphin Journey fishing kayak can. 

But many felt that the lightweight design combined with easy handling is a fair trade-off for a lack of speed. 

How it Compares to Sea Eagle Models of the Past

Last year, Sea Eagle came out with the popular 330 inflatable model, which was a hot seller for both anglers and recreational kayakers. The 370 can hold up to one hundred and fifty more pounds and it’s only six pounds heavier.

The kayak features an innovative self-bailing drain valve system. This system will allow the user to get rid of any excess water quickly, which makes it an ideal choice for fast-moving water environments. While it’s still considered an entry-level kayak, it’s actually very versatile and a great pick for different water conditions.

Room for Two

Incredibly versatile, this kayak is equipped with a durable, thick polykrylar hull. The hull design allows this model to handle a variety of water conditions ranging from a calm river to choppy ocean waters, making it the perfect choice for ocean fishing. If you’re a beginner, we recommend first learning how to kayak in mild water conditions before you try your hand at sea angling. 

This is truly an all-purpose kayak, and one that moves smoothly, with minimal paddling effort in open water. Combined with a sail you could easily cover a large distance in a small amount of time. The kayak offers the perfect balance between durability and ease of use. The kayak’s durable design promotes stability. The I-beam construction increases user comfort and improves lateral stability. It also makes it difficult to capsize the kayak, which is why it’s recommended for beginners and seasoned ocean anglers alike.

Since this kayak seats two, you can bring along a family member or friendly, or remove one of the seats and use the extra space to bring along more gear or even the family dog. You can also remove one of the seats if you just need some extra room to stretch out.

However, you should keep in mind, with tandem kayaks, it’s typically more difficult to navigate the kayak solo, considering the larger size.


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The kayak is considered very stable and more versatile compared to other leading models of inflatable kayaks. It has a solid feel to it that will make you quickly forget it can easily collapse by unplugging the valves. The kayak is made from tough stuff. It’s incredibly hard to puncture and can take plenty of use and abuse, even in whitewater conditions.

Even though this is an entry level kayak and the cheaper of the Sea Eagle models, it is still a lot more solid than many other inflatable kayaks in this price range.

It’s hard to find any negatives with a kayak that has such a good reputation in the kayaking community. However, one common issue users had involved the lack of support from the deluxe seats. There are also no thigh braces or footrests, which means it can be difficult to generate a lot of power with your strokes. This results in a lack of speed. Basically, don’t expect to win any races with this kayak. Additionally, the paddles have a reputation for bending out of place in rough waters, so you may want to upgrade before you take this kayak out to sea. 

But bottom line, if you’re looking for a reliable inflatable kayak for recreational or angling use, look no further. It features an exceptional build quality and a great all-purpose design that will allow you to customize this kayak to suit your needs. The kayak’s dual skeg system promotes a smoother ride, so the kayak essentially glides over the water with minimal effort. However, for some, the lack of speed can be a deal breaker. 

Are There Any Drawbacks?

If you’re looking for a faster kayak, and one that offers the type of durable hard body design that can withstand rough ocean water, click here to read our fishing kayak buyer’s guide where you’ll find some great options for models that are designed with speed in mind. 

A major issue kayakers have with a standard hard body kayak is transportation and storage. If you don’t have a trailer, roof rack, or SUV, then an inflatable kayak is the best option. This model can deflate in seconds, so all you have to do is roll it up and store it in your trunk.

Before storing the kayak, we recommend laying it out flat in order to allow it to dry fully and to prevent mold growth. 

The included electric pump can fully inflate the kayak in seconds. It comes with a nine-foot long power cord that’s compatible with a cigarette lighter so all you have to do is plug it into your vehicle for a fast air up time and hit the water. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • Fast inflation time
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Durable
  • Easy deflation for transport and storage
  • Removable seats
  • Portable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Slow moving
  • The included seats are uncomfortable
  • Paddles will need to be upgraded

Conclusion and Rating

Paddle Product Rating: (4.5/5)

If you’re looking for an inflatable kayak built for two, one that’s easy to use, durable, and designed for kayakers of all skill levels, your search is over. The SE370KP by Sea Eagle is easy to use and maneuver, features an innovative design that promotes improved tracking, and it’s made out of material that’s so durable that this kayak is also seaworthy. 

A great fishing and recreational kayak, this versatile model received a rating of four and a half out of five stars.

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