Seamax SUP20D 20PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump Review

The Seamax SUP20Ddouble stage electric air pump comes with a programmed intelligent digital controller, an LCD display, and dual-stage inflation. The newly updated hardware and firmware worked out any of the bugs in past models, so this model by Seamax provides a more powerful and efficient inflation process.

Our Verdict: This feature-packed model comes with everything you need to quickly and precisely inflate your board. The automatic shut off feature prevents the pump from over-inflating your SUP and also frees you up to unload your gear or take care of other tasks while the pump is hard at work. The lightweight design combined with the built-in carry handle makes this model highly portable. Unfortunately, it only comes with a single adapter, so you will need to ensure that the included adapter is compatible with your board before you buy.

It also has a large LCD display that allows you to easily adjust the settings, dial in the desired PSI level, or monitor the inflation progress. The deflation mode is another great feature and one that you can use to quickly deflate your board, however, you’ll need to monitor this process since the deflation model doesn’t come with an automatic shut-off feature like the inflation mode does. In terms of inflation time, in most cases, you can expect a total of eight minutes, although for larger inflatable such as kayaks or rafts you can anticipate nine minutes.

Overview and Features

Seamax is one of the leading manufacturers of SUP pumps for a reason. Their models are often feature-packed, yet intuitive, so they’re recommended for beginners and seasoned paddler boarders alike. The pump will inflate your board to the precise PSI level, so you can enjoy paddle boarding with your dog, taking on white water conditions, or relaxing on a calm lake.

This is one of the best SUP pumps for buyers looking for a model that’s heavy on tech and loaded with all the right features needed to inflate a board fast and simple. The pump’s built-in smart monitoring allows you to dial in the right PSI level and allows the pump to handle the rest. The pump’s internal computer will closely monitor the pressure reading in real-time and automatically switches to the second stage of the inflation process.

Seamax SUP20D 20PSI Double Stage Electric Air Pump

Our Rating: (4/5)

  • Dual-stage inflation
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Twenty PSI
  • Lightweight design
  • Large LCD display
  • Deflation


This lightweight pump weighs in at just four pounds and measures in at ten inches by seven inches by seven inches and comes equipped with a carry handle. This model is loaded with some great features, which makes it convenient and simple to use. The intelligent twelve-volt double stage pump is easy to carry, compact, and features a digital display located on the top. The display features controls to decrease or increase the desired PSI level, the BAR and PSI mode, and the power button. On the front of the device, you’ll find a port for deflation and one for inflation, in addition to a cap that screws on to cover the deflation port when not in use. The bottom of the pump is equipped with four rubber feet that prevent the pump from sliding around, and also helps to provide shock absorption.

Auto Stop Protection

This model comes with a time counter and temperature sensor. The built-in auto-stop protection feature will switch the model to the second phase of the inflation process, then stops the inflation once the board has been inflated to the correct PSI level.

Dual Stage Inflation

The first stage of the inflation process features a max speed of three hundred and fifty liters per minute. The second stage of the process uses smaller increments of 0.5 liters per minute. This slow inflation process ensures that the board is inflated properly.


The pump offers a high PSI capacity of twenty. Competing models such as the Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump, only offer a PSI of fifteen, so this twenty PSI capability is pretty impressive. The real-time pressure monitoring feature will shut off the air supply to the board once the selected pressure has been reached. Both of the air inflators are controlled via a digital pressure controller. Once your board is inflated at the right PSI, you can easily paddle straight, and faster, and handle more challenging water conditions.

Sand Filter

This is the only pump in my lineup that comes with a built-in sand filter for air intake.

Outtake Chamber

The outtake chamber is designed to reduce motor noise, allowing you to inflate or deflate products without disturbing wildlife, other campers, or other people in your group.


Considering all the other bells and whistles this model comes with, it’s surprising that the manufacturer would skimp on the hose, but that’s exactly what they did. The included hose measures in at just four feet, which can make it difficult to use and maneuver when you’re inflating your board or other inflatables such as kayaks and rafts. For the price, this pump should come with a hose that’s at least twice the length.


The twelve volt DC connector comes with a built-in 12A fuse.


The pump only comes with the Halkey-Roberts valve, which is the most common type found on SUPs. However, the lack of adapters in this package is a huge drawback for anyone looking for a more versatile pump that comes loaded with a variety of valve adapters that will allow users to air up a wide range of inflatables.


This model is pretty fast and able to inflate most boards in just eight minutes. Larger boards may take as long as nine minutes, however, compared to competing models, this is a fast and efficient inflation time.


This feature is very easy to use, however, you will need to pay attention to the deflation process since it doesn’t come with an automatic shut-off feature for this mode. Deflating the board is fast and simple. All you have to do is unscrew the cap from the deflation port, attach the hose and hit the power switch. The deflation process only takes a few minutes, allowing you to quickly roll up your board and go.

Noise Level

There are no completely silent pumps on the market as of yet, but this model definitely produces a lower than average amount of noise. During the first inflation stage, the model is at eighty-four decibels, with the second stage coming in at ninety-five decibels since the motor has to work harder against the resistance of air pressure.


Despite the variety of features it offers, you won’t find an easier pump to use. The controls are very basic and intuitive, so you can quickly and easily dial in the desired PSI and get started. Once you’ve plugged the pump into your car’s twelve-volt outlet, screw the hose onto the board’s inflation valve and pump, all you have to do is select the mode, set the desired PSI level, and hit the power button. The pump’s dual-inflation design will allow the board to rapidly inflate until it reaches a significant resistance level. Once the internal sensors detect this resistance, it will switch to the stronger mode, which is designed to add the remaining air to your board.

The LCD display on the pump is very precise and easy to read, allowing you to monitor the current PSI level during inflation. Once the board is inflated to the correct PSI, the pump will shut off automatically, so there’s no risk of over-inflating your board.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight
  • Dual-stage inflation
  • Automatic shut off
  • Deflation
  • Large LCD display
  • Twenty PSI level capability


  • Does not come with a carry bag
  • Only comes with one adapter
  • Deflation mode doesn’t have automatic shut-off

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4/5)

If you’re looking for a model that’s designed with the beginner in mind, and a pump that’s powerful and loaded with the latest in pump technology, then you’ll appreciate everything this model has to offer. The Seamax SUP20D dual-stage electric pump comes with a variety of features that improve the pump’s speed, efficiency, and overall quality. The automatic shut-off feature for the inflation process ensures you don’t damage your board by over-inflating it, while the deflation mode is designed to help you quickly deflate your board, so you can roll it up and head home. The intuitive controls, large LCD display, and lightweight design make this model a true pleasure to use. I gave it a rating of four out of five stars.